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new Delhi. The whole world was eagerly waiting for the covid-19 vaccine. After a long wait of 1 year, the car was finally launched. The government has approved the Kovid vaccine of two different companies in India. But given the precautions necessary to keep the vaccine effective during transportation, Bharat Benz has launched a specially designed BsafeExpress to move the vaccine from one place to another. Let’s know more details related to this ..

What needs to be kept in mind in the transportation of Kovid-19 vaccine
>> According to the vaccine-making company of Kovid-19, it needs from -8 degree to -70 degree temperature to keep it safe.
>> Therefore, it is necessary to keep the vaccine in the refrigerator at the time of transportation. Therefore, dry ice is the best refrigerant material.
>> Special care is taken for the packing and handling of the vaccine. Also, it is important to keep in mind the variations of temperature in different parts of the country.

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Special design for transportation of Covid-19 vaccine BSafe Express

Keeping in mind the government-issued guidelines for transportation of the vaccine, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) has launched BharatBenz, BSafe Express in association with Motherson Group. It is a special referee truck designed for safe transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine, which uses the newly developed refrigeration unit and claims to ensure temperature. Almost all possible technologies have been used for accurate monitoring and maintenance of the vaccine in this truck so that the Kovid-19 vaccine can be transported to every nook and corner of the country.

Satyakam Arya, managing director, and CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles: said that, the combination of a robust, reliable insulated reefer and state-of-the-art connectivity device makes BharatBenz’s ‘BSF Express’ the perfect solution to India’s cold chain infrastructure challenge . With the help of this truck, more than 1.3 billion people and even remote destinations can deliver vaccines in perfect condition.

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BSafe Express’s product quality
Motherson Group’s Refrigerated Container (Intelligent Reefer) is made from glass reinforce plastic, XPS foam, and other carefully selected materials that ensure the containers are strong, water resistant and lightweight. The sensor inside the container alerts about temperature, humidity shock, etc. They can adjust the temperature as required and can alarm if any problem occurs.

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