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(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

Idli is like a lot of us. Usually the idli that we eat at present is known by the name of South Indian Food, but you will be surprised to know that idli is not Indian food at all. Yes! Do not be surprised, it is true. According to historians, the origin of idli was in Indonesia. Fermented food is eaten there more and idli is also their only choice.

It is said with the fact that a lot of cooks (cooks) from Indonesia used to come to the kitchen of the royal houses in India. During this time, he also brought idli recipe. Although some historians disagree with this fact. Nevertheless, it is said in its favor that ‘Kadli’ of Indonesia matches our idli perfectly. Although the name idli has been in India for a long time, gram flour was used to make this idli.

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Some people also claim that Idli was developed in Gujarat, because the dhokla made here is also made on the same lines. It is said that the recipe of Modern Idli is made from 1250 AD. In which the rice solution is told, how to ferment it and how to steam it. However, idli may have come from somewhere, today it is a part of all the kitchens of the country.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of controversy over many mines, but let me tell you one more thing that 30 March is the most important day for Idli, because this day is known as ‘World Idli Day’. Is celebrated in Idli’s craze can be understood from the fact that in North India also, idli batter is sold in the market a lot and it is liked very much as breakfast.

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Also, due to its South Indian influence, it is served with coconut chutney and sambar. In some places idli is immersed in sambar and chutney and somewhere it is given separately. Nowadays, there are many uses for idli. Idols of different colors are made by mixing beet, spinach, peas etc. with rice. Also, ‘Baby Idli’ is being liked very much in restaurants.

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