Not Dehradun, today only New Delhi Shatabdi and Kathgodam Jan Shatabdi will run from Haridwar

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There is great news regarding the operation of Dehradun-New Delhi Shatabdi Express and Dehradun-Kathgodam Jan Shatabdi.

Dehradun. Dehradun-New Delhi Shatabdi Express (Dehradun-New Delhi Shatabdi Express ) And there is big news about the operation of Dehradun-Kathgodam Janshatabdi. On Wednesday, this train will operate from Haridwar instead of Dehradun. Railways have taken this decision due to construction works. It is being told that ROB construction work is going on between Haridwar and Raiwala. Due to this, both trains will be sent back from Haridwar instead of bringing them to Dehradun. Apart from this, due to construction work, some trains are expected to reach Dehradun late. Due to this, Howrah-Dehradun Upasana Express will also reach Dehradun by a delay of two hours from the scheduled time.

According to the media report, station superintendent (operations) Sitaram Shankar said that due to construction works, partial changes have been made in the operation of some trains. Under this, the passengers who have to travel by Shatabdi or Janshatabdi Express on Wednesday, will have to reach Haridwar. Apart from this, Upasana Express will also reach Dehradun with a delay of two hours. Apart from this, the operation of all other trains including Dehradun-New Delhi Janshatabdi Express, Dehradun-Kota Nandadevi Express will not be affected.

Send message to passengers
It is being told that the message of the changes made in the schedule of trains has been sent to the passengers who have done the tickets earlier. Railway has informed them personally by message. Apart from this, information is also being given to them by other resources. It is being told that construction work will be completed within the stipulated time. Railway officials have also issued instructions regarding this.

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