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(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

If you are an Eggetarian and live in Delhi, then you must have heard the name of a shop. Do not worry if you do not listen, we are going to tell you about it today. Well, in every area of ​​Delhi, one is going to make his own omelette, but when it comes to Rahul Egg Corner in Ashok Nagar, North Delhi, the story becomes different.
350 types of eggs
Although the egg is of the same type, but many types of recipes are made from it. You will be shocked to know that 350 types of omelets are made on a corner. That too one to one. If someone eats Tandoori Jalandhari Omelette, then someone is fat-free. But, there are always rows of eaters.

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What does ‘agatorian’ say

Although Purnima does not eat non-veg but she has been eating eggs for the last few years. Poornima, who works in a PSU, says that her breakfast was being messed up daily in the office. No continuous running option was available. Then, someone advised for the eggs and then went and got the option to calculate them. She goes to Rahul Egg Corner every weekend. He loves tandoori omelette.

Actually, in this life of Bhagdaur, we have the least time to eat. In such a situation, we cannot complete many nutrients in the body. To avoid this problem, many people who do not eat non-veg but definitely consume eggs. And, if one eats eggs and does not eat omelette, it is less. A quick-dish dish full of nutrients.


Egg in itself is an amazing food. Boiled, half fry, omelette, egg curry, pakoras and more are made from this one egg. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte had eaten omelette for the first time when he reached France. It is also said that the omelette was first started in France. It also became a favorite snack in the army. It also has many nutritional properties.

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