Konkona Sen Sharma’s TWEET viral about ‘Tandava’, said- ‘arrest should happen’

Konkona Sen Sharma's tweet regarding Tandava.  (Pic-Twitter)

Konkona Sen Sharma’s tweet regarding Tandava. (Pic-Twitter)

The difficulties of the actors and makers of ‘Tandav’ do not seem to be diminishing. Now the team is also getting negative comments from the film industry.

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new Delhi. Web series ‘Tandav’ The difficulties of artists and makers are not seen to be diminishing. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court rejected the petition, in which the makers appealed to the court to club the FIR registered against them in different states. The Supreme Court refused to stay the arrest. Now the team is also getting negative comments from the film industry.

Actress Konkana Sen Sharma The Supreme Court has commented on this. The actress wrote on Twitter, “All the people who are involved in the show read the script and then sign the contract, so shouldn’t all the cast and crew be arrested?” This tweet of Konkona Sen Sharma is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many fans and social media users of the actress are responding to her tweet.

Konkona Sen Sharma’s tweet regarding Tandava. (Pic-Twitter)

During the hearing in the Supreme Court, the lawyer of actor Zeeshan Ayub, who portrayed Lord Shiva in a controversial way in this series, argued that he is just an actor. A contract was signed to play the role with him. On this, Justice MR Shah, a member of the Bench, said, “You are an actor, it does not mean that you can play the character that hurts the religious sentiments of others.” Justice MR Shah told the makers of ‘Tandava’ The argument was also rejected, stating that the views expressed by a role should not be attributed to the actor. MR Shah said, ‘You must have accepted the contract after reading the script. You cannot hurt religious sentiments’. Bollywood veteran actress Konkona Sen Sharma has given her reaction on this matter of Justice MR Shah.

Let me tell you that on Wednesday, Senior Advocate Fali Nariman of the ‘Tandava’ team had also talked about removing offensive content from the series and apologizing. He said that now nothing is left in this case. On the plea of ​​the lawyer, the court said that the makers of ‘Tandava’ can appeal in the High Court. At the same time, the court also told the police that if an apology has been taken and that content has been removed, then the police can also submit a closure report.

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