See, when the Russian police was searching the house, the opposition leader Navalny’s doctor Anastasia kept playing the piano

Doctor Anastasia Vecilieva (File photo AP)

Doctor Anastasia Vecilieva (File photo AP)

Doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva Piano Video News: A video of Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navleni playing the piano of Doctor Anastasia Vasileyeva is becoming quite viral. Actually, the Russian police had come to the doctor’s house to search and she continued to play the piano during this time.

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Moscow. Have you ever thought that the police came to someone’s house to search and someone played the piano comfortably? No? But Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s doctor Anastasia Vasilyeva did the same during a search of her house by the police. His video playing piano is becoming very viral.

Video of Navellani’s doctor playing piano goes viral
Navaleni’s wife Yulia’s flat was also searched and searched in the office of the FBK organization. Police also searched the house of Navalny’s doctor Anastasia Vecilayeva and took her into custody for 48 hours. Vesilyeva’s secretary has posted a video of him during the search. During the entire search, Dr. Vesilyeva was playing piano in the house. This video is also becoming quite viral on social media. minute video

The 2.20-minute video shows that Russian officials are searching his house and doctors are busy playing the piano. Later, the doctor also signed a paper and then got up and went to the other side of the house.

Many close to Navleni are in custody
In fact, the Russian government has also started an arrest operation against the allies of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny and many of Navleni’s associates have been detained. Russian officials also searched Navleni’s apartment before opposition leaders demonstrated.

Opposition is preparing for a big protest
Navleni’s aides said that Russia’s Interior Ministry last week called the opposition’s performance a violation of Corona sanctions and today’s search is being linked to that. Let me tell you that the opposition had announced to perform again in Russia on Sunday and they are demanding the release of Navleni. Significantly, Navleni was arrested soon after his return from Germany. Navleni returned to Germany for months after being treated for poison given to herself.

Navellani’s brother was also detained for 48 hours
Navalny’s FBK Anti Corruption Foundation Chief Eva Jadonev said that Navleni’s close aides Lubov Sobol and Navalny’s brother Oleg have been detained for 48 hours as suspects. Sobol’s lawyer said that he and Sobol were interrogated overnight.

Significantly, thousands of people marched on the streets all over Russia for the release of opposition leader Navalny. Navleni’s counsel had indicated to appeal against the arrest of his client.

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