This week you can watch these 12 new web series and movies, which would you like to see?

New Delhi Around 12 new this week Web Series Different OTTs are being shown on the platform or will be visible. These include ‘Metro Park Season 2’, ‘Penguin Bloom’, ‘Snowpiercer: Season 2’, ‘The Dig’, ‘The Great Skeepists’ (The Great Escapists) and ‘We Are: The Brooklyn Saints’, including some interesting web series, some of which we are giving here.

Action enthusiasts will love this web series. It will be seen with action-packed action with suspense. It is produced by Akshay BP Singh and is directed by Shraddha Pasi Jairath. This web series is being shown on ALTBalaji from 25 January.

Below Zero
This web series is also for action-loving people. Of course, it is worth seeing how the force’s man fights them when the van carrying the prisoners is attacked. He has to face the enemies inside and outside in the bitter cold. This series is being shown on Netflix from 29 January.Euphoria Second Special

This series shows how in search of love and friendship, some high school students go into the hideous morass of drugs, sex, social media. This web series is being shown on Disney + Hotstar on 25 January.

Finding Ohana
The film depicts the exciting journey of two grown-up children in Brooklyn, when they come to spend a vacation in a remote area of ​​Oahu. He makes new friends here and sets out with him in search of the lost treasure, which leads him to an unknown journey. This series is being shown on Netflix from 29 January.

Go Dog Go
This series shows how man’s best friend Dog helps people. In the series, the cute little doggie tug is shown enjoying an exciting journey with his dear friend. This series is being shown on Netflix from 26 January.

The film shows how a drunken professor, who is sent to a juvenile school, encounters a gangster who uses school children for his criminal activities. The film is being shown on Amazon Prime from 29 January.

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