Indira Hridayesh’s shock to Harish Rawat’s ‘Tamannaas’! Bid- CM face not announced before election

Dehradun. The situation is not clear about who will lead the Congress in Uttarakhand Assembly Elections 2022, but the Congress National General Secretary and former CM Harish Rawat’s supporters are telling him the face. Not only this, Harda supporters have launched Harda in Haldwani on Thursday, going two steps ahead. Harda supporters have declared that “Harda Hamara, Ala again … Aas Lagi Rau, Aas Lagi Rau, Uttarakhand Sara” means that our Harda will come again. However, Leader of Opposition Indira Hridayesh once again made it clear that the face of the CM will be decided not by singing after the Congress victory in 2022.

Former Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal, former minister Harish Chandra Durgapal, who was among those close to Harish Rawat while launching the song, demanded that the party high command declare the face of Harish Rawat as soon as possible, resulting in the Congress Could come in favor of better. The special thing about the song is that Harish Rawat’s work as CM has been counted.

In the four minute 20 second Uttarakhandi folk song based on Harda sung by the famous folk singer Maya Upadhyay of Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat mentioned the schemes run in the state. It includes schemes to identify the traditional products of the mountain, schemes for the elderly; My Elder-Mere Tirtha, Choliya, Scheme for Jagaris, Gaura-Nanda Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana, Myer for environmental protection There is a mention of schemes like Myr milk, fortified food for women and elderly people to promote trees, milk production.

The promise made for 2022 through song is not only counting the work done by Harda as CM but also what will happen if Harda becomes Chief Minister in 2022? It is mentioned in the lyrics of the song that earlier where cheap electricity was found under Harish Rawat’s rule, now it will be available for free. Take-home ration, provision of drinking water, goat rearing scheme for widowed women, Ganga cow scheme, Mera Gaon-Meri Sadak Yojana, doctors in hospitals, teachers in schools, Choliars, priests and folk artists with pension as well as cheap wheat-rice and Thousands of government jobs have also been claimed.

Harish Rawat has suggested to declare face

A few days ago, Congress General Secretary Harish Rawat has openly suggested to the party high command through a social media post to declare the face of some leader in Uttarakhand for 2022 so that the election is not Modi vs Congress. However, PCC Chief Pritam Singh and leader of this opinion of Harish Rawat
Opposition Indira Hridayesh protested. Both the leaders termed Rawat’s suggestion contrary to the tradition of the Congress and started advocating to contest elections under collective leadership. The high command has not taken any decision yet.

When News18 learned the reaction of leader of opposition Indira Hridayesh about the launch song on Harda, he replied in his own style. Indira made it clear that the face of the CM will be decided not by singing after the Congress victory in 2022. Also said that do not make a song or make it, but in whose place the public becomes in the heart, it itself becomes a hit.

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