Lack of 50% staff in government university and college, difficult to start studies from 4th of February!

State Higher Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat says that staff will be appointed in 10 days.

State Higher Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat says that staff will be appointed in 10 days.

Uttarakhand News: In Uttarakhand, it has been announced to open all government colleges with Doon University and Sridev Suman University from 4 February. However, universities and colleges are struggling with a shortage of staff.

Dehradun. Uttarakhand’s Higher Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat may repeatedly talk about prioritizing staff placement in universities and colleges, but in fact the picture is that the largest 2 universities in the state are the only 50 percent of the staff. Trust is going on. Of course, studying in the Higher Education Department in Uttarakhand is going on with God. While 50 percent of the staff in Doon University, created as a dream project, is not complete. Although more than 125 posts are approved here, but only 38 are regular teachers.

The same situation is with Sridev Suman University, the VC here is also referring to the problems caused by lack of staff. This university is running on the basis of 5 regular staff. VC Dhyani, VC of Sridev Suman University, said that he is facing many difficulties in getting things done. Whereas after the new joining, Surekha Dangwal, VC of Doon University, says that her priority is also to fill the staff shortage in the university.

The minister made this claim
While the state’s higher education minister Dhan Singh Rawat says that staff will be appointed in 10 days. There was no VC in Doon University for 1 year, now after VC, the work of filling the remaining staff is also going on. After the Kovid period, when the government universities and colleges are going to open in the state from next week, then obviously the issue of shortage of teachers is going to arise in front of the children. However, the universities and colleges of Uttarakhand will open from February 4. Higher Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat has informed about opening of college university after the end of winter vacation in the state. On February 2, winter holidays are ending in the college and university of the plain districts. After that from 4 February onwards, after 5 February, colleges and universities will study full time, for which SOP will be issued. Although private universities in Uttarakhand have already opened their colleges and universities, but Minister Rawat said that in view of the future of children, a decision is being taken to open government colleges and universities from February 4.

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