Salman Khan trolls for supporting Rakhi Sawant, TV stars descended in support of Abhinav

(photo credit: instagram/@colorstv)

(photo credit: instagram/@colorstv)

Many TV stars, including Bigg Boss contestant, are also angry with Salman Khan for supporting Rakhi Sawant. Many stars, from Srishti Road to Rahul Mahajan, have expressed their displeasure over Salman Khan’s support of Rakhi.

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Mumbai Ever since Rakhi Sawant has entered Bigg Boss 14, she has shown many forms to the audience. Sometimes, Rakhi has entertained the audience in a romantic and sometimes romantic manner. Rakhi started a love track with Abhinav Shukla (Abhinav Shukla), the husband and actor of Rubina Dilaik a few weeks ago. Which Abhinav and Rubina do not like at all. Recently, Abhinav was seen getting so upset with Rakhi Sawant that Abhinav started crying bitterly and he even demanded to go home. At the same time, Salman Khan also appeared to support Rakhi Sawant for his antics instead of supporting him.

After all this, Salman Khan has come under target of trolls. X Bigg Boss contestants including many TV stars are also angry with Salman Khan for supporting Rakhi Sawant. Many stars, from Srishti Roode to Rahul Mahajan, have condemned Salman Khan’s statement. In which she told Abhinav Shukla that ‘Rakhi Sawant is the biggest entertainer of the show and whatever she is doing, Abhinav is benefiting from it.’ Many TV stars believe that Salman Khan is trying to prove Rakhi Sawant right even if it is wrong.

Srishti Rode has tweeted in support of Abhinav. In which she writes – ‘Abhinav Shukla you do not lose courage. These people are wrong, not you. But, these things will make you strong. At the same time Andy Kumar writes- ‘I can’t believe it. In such haresment and Bigg Boss 14, it is being named advantage. Wow. Viewers are with Abhinav. Rahul Mahajan says- ‘Rakhi Sawant is a chaip and the people who are still supporting him are great cheaps. #AbhinavShukla. ‘

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In fact, in the last episode, Rubina Dilak was seen raping Rakhi Sawant about the fact that she pulled the pulse of Abhinav Shukla’s shorts. Which is wrong. After this, Rakhi was seen moving around next to Abhinav. This topic also arose in Weekend Ka Vaar and Salman Khan supported Rakhi Sawant. Due to which the show’s former contestants and TV stars got very angry.

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