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(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

Do a lot of shopping and eat a little bit, because there seems to be hunger to negotiate. There are many such markets in Delhi, but Atta Market in Noida is a ‘king’ in itself. Everything of your work is present here at an economical price. If there is a crowd, there is a market and there is bargain, then the food will also be cool.

So even if you are hungry while going through the atta and you are not hungry even then you definitely come once. If you are traveling by blue line and you have some time, then you stop at the Sector-18 metro station. The journey to Atta starts as soon as we get down from the station.

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From momo to litti and from dosa to roll… everything is available here. Somewhere a poha is being sold on a cart, then somewhere there is a line for litti chokha. Somewhere there is a sound of sizzling on the pan of dosa, so many shopkeepers are busy telling that ‘Bhaiya Mera Double Egg Ka Hoga’. There is also a cup of tea and ice cream.

Yes, the market is old and if everything is found in a small place, then the crowd is slightly more. If you reach here with a car, you may still have problems. Rickshaws and electric rickshaws run here a lot and in front of a rickshaw, you can just say that brother today I have to eat Momo, he will take you to a good Momo.

Along with homegrown street food, you will also find many places of fine dining in Atta. Many big food chains have opened their branches here. So if you have to stand and eat, then it is also arranged and if you want to have a good dining experience with the family then you can come here too. Also, there are two big malls adjacent to this market.

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Tusshar Khanna hails from Chandigarh and works in an IT company in Noida. He has made his home near Atta because it has made his life comfortable. They come to Atta directly from the office. He says that many such healthy snacks like poha are also found here. In the evening, they go home after eating from here only. So whenever you are going through the Sector-18 metro or if you want to enjoy good food from shopping as well … “I am Kabhi Atta”!

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