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When you are upset or worry about something, you may feel that your throat is paining. You may also feel a tightness in the throat, you may have a lump in your throat or may have trouble swallowing. Think of Anxiety as an emotional or mental health issue. Although it can actually affect the body in many ways. Sore Throat is one of several possible physical symptoms. Let us tell you how anxiety can affect your throat and tips to prevent it from happening.

What is the relationship between anxiety and throat symptoms?
Healthline According to reports, when you are under stress or feeling anxious, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol in your bloodstream. In addition to increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, the release of these hormones can cause a variety of physical problems, such as-

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More or less respiratory problems

Mouth breathing
Anxious cough
muscle strain

All this can lead to this problem
Sore throat
Throat cramps
Sore throat
Dry throat

When you are stressed or anxious, stress hormones in your body can cause the following types of throat issues-

Muscle tension dysphonia
Muscle tension dysphonia is a problem involving muscles and breathing patterns associated with voice. When you are in stress, the muscles that control your voice box can become stressed. This produces hoarseness in the voice.

Dysphagia is an swallowing disorder that can be eradicated by anxiety. Recently a prospective, multicenter study Trusted Source has found that intestinal anxiety is one of the strongest causes of dysphagia severity.

Globus sensation
If you feel like a lump in your throat, but there is really nothing there, it is called globus sensation. It is not usually painful, but it can be worsened by anxiety and stress.

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How to reduce anxiety
– Breathe comfortably.
-Take a nice long walk.
– Listen to good music.
-Do your favorite work.
– Talk openly with a good friend.
Exercise regularly.
Eat healthy and balanced diet.
– Avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption.
-have a good sleep.
-Make mediation.

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