demand for shilajeet never decreases let us show how it is made mt– News18 Hindi

When it comes to increasing energy and strength in the body, the first mention is of Shilajit, whose demand is never reduced. It has been coming as a medicine, which can be taken from medical stores and also from grocery stores with the label of big companies, but hardly anyone knows how it is made. Let us tell you.

This is how Shilajit is made
BBC According to a report of Shilajit, as its name is, it is found in rocks. Especially in some special rocks of Tibet, Himalayas and Gilgit region. It is also not very easy to find this stony brown thing.

This thing, made up of metals and plant components, is identified by its special type of smell. It is cleaned from the rock and broken into small pieces. After this, it is rotated in a certain amount of water until it dissolves. Then after a few hours the dirt is removed from the surface of the water.

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Finally, harmful substances are filtered and separated from this water. This water is kept for one week like this. When the color of the water has become completely black, it is believed that Shilajit has completely dissolved in water. After this, the water of Shilajit is kept in a special kind of vessel made from a glass. Its water keeps drying for about a month. This work takes about one and a half months. Then it is ready. There are 85 types of minerals, including iron, zinc, magnesium, in good shilajit. In India, 10 grams of Shilajit are sold from Rs 300 to Rs 600.

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Is beneficial in treating many diseases
This Shilajit, used as a medicine, is known to increase physical ability especially in men. But it also has the power to remove many more diseases. Shilajit is helpful in reducing the level of glucose in the blood. Increases immunity. It is also beneficial for Alzheimer’s, depression and brain.

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