Do not panic with blind pimples, do this remedy and get rid of it

Healthy skin is not less than a rule, but changes in our eating habits, environment and body also affect the skin. This brings out pimples on our face. The most irritating among these are Blind Pimples. Such pimples are only one type of Acne, but they are below the surface of the skin. They are called blind pimples because they are not visible. Often they feel like a cyst. It is difficult to get rid of them, but patience, with the right treatment, you can get rid of it. Here we are sharing some tips for this.

Why are blind pimples

Such pimples are produced by sebum, bacteria and dirt getting trapped in your pores together. This causes a painful lump under your skin. However, its mouth is not visible like other types of pimples. When you see a white spot under your skin that is painful to the touch and the skin around it is seen with swelling and redness, then it is a sign of blind pimples.

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Avoid pressing and bursting:

You should never try to suppress and break blind pimples. They are not on the surface of the skin, so it can be risky to force them. Forcing them can cause stains on the face.

Hot compress:

To get rid of this type of pimple, warm compress is also a recipe. This not only provides relief from pain, but also helps to prevent them from forming. Use this method only on three or four days. This helps in healing as well as removing the pus from the pimple. For this fomentation, you take a warm cloth, soak it in hot water and squeeze it and apply it on the pimple. But keep in mind that hot water should be warm enough for your skin to bear.

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Use Pimple Sticker:

You can also use Pimple Sticker to get rid of blind pimple. It is just like a bandage, which you can apply on such a corner. It helps in removing bacteria, sebum and dirt. It often contains salicylic acid, which is helpful in removing pimples. This sticker is easily available at any medical shop. You can apply them daily till the pimple is over, but do not forget to change them once in 24 hours.

Apply antibiotic:

We all know that antibiotics can help get rid of any bacteria. In the case of blind pimples, they also reduce inflammation. Clindamycin and erythromycin (erythromycin) are used in particular antibiotics for such pimples. They are recommended to be applied twice a day, but they should be applied only once in case of sensitive skin.

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Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is used for the treatment of blind pimples as an alternative to strong antibiotics. It can be easily applied on pimples without doctor’s advice. It can be taken from any natural health store. For this, products containing about 5 percent tea tree oil can be used twice a day. But keep in mind that only after diluting it, apply it on the affected area. For this, you can add coconut, jojoba and olive oil. After thinning, leave it on the face overnight and wash it in the morning.

Apply raw honey:

Raw honey is a natural alternative. It has properties that kill and prevent bacteria. Leave a little pure honey on the blind pimple overnight. You can also apply it as a cleanser by mixing it with water. If you do not get relief from these methods, then see a dermatologist immediately.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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