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Be it water or cold drinks, refined or phenyl, most of the goods now come only in plastic bottles. After being emptied, people usually throw them in the garbage can. Those who play the biggest role in harming the environment. If they are used instead of throwing, then two tasks can be done simultaneously. One can be the protection of the environment and secondly the decoration and needs of the house can also be fulfilled. So let us know how they can be used. These bottles can be used to make many different items such as beautiful pots, piggy bank, hanging flower pot and zipper box from different types of waste. So let’s tell you about the ways to make them.

How to make curls with plastic bottles
Cut the plastic bottle in two. Use the lower part to make the flowerpot. You can paint it if you want, or you can also decorate it with colored wool-cloth or clay. After this, fill the soil in the bottle and plant it. Beautiful flowerpot is ready.

You can also make a hanging flower pot from a bottle.
To make it, keep the bottle lying down. Cut it into 6 inch length and 3 inch width. Also, make a hole on the front and back of the bottle and tie a strong cord so that it can be hung. After this, fill the soil in this bottle and plant it and hang it. Here is the Hanging Flower Pot.

Can also give shape of zipper box

We can also use the bottle to make a zipper box. Take two bottles for this. Both the lower parts of the bottle will be used for this. Cut the bottom of the first bottle slightly larger and the second smaller than it so that it can be used as a lid. Now stick the zipper on the top of the first bottle with glue on one side and after it dries, stick it on the other bottle from the other side. Leave to dry for a while. A zipper box is ready in which you can keep light items like needle-threads, buttons.

Can also make piggy bank
You can also make piggy bank with a bottle. For this, clean the bottle. After this, tape it from the lid and close it. Then put a cut of the size of the coin in the middle of the bottle, so that the coins can be put in the bottle. If desired, decorate the bottle with a beautiful craft. Became your piggy bank(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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