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Shayari: The world of Sharo-Sukhan (Urdu Shayari) is a world of emotions. In this, every emotion has been sealed. While poetry, pain-filled emotions have found a place in poetry, other aspects of human life have also been beautifully etched in it. If there is mention of love in this, then the pain found in love has also been presented in a savory way. In a way, Shayari is a heart-shaped, ah hai and sada hai, which every poet has introduced in his own style. Today we have attended Chand Ashr for you from the precious Kalam of poets. Today’s episode presents the attitude of the poets on ‘Dhoop’ and the few colors of their Kalam. You also enjoy it.

Sunshine requested
A drop of rain
Muhammad Alvi

Then you will remember the dense evening of slaves
When there is no shadow on the head
Bashir Badra

To call me in the afternoon sun
She remembers coming barefoot on your desk
Hasrat mohani

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The sunlight shines brightly
I will count the injuries now on the bed
Shakeb Jalali

It fell like winter sun
Yadam is getting wrapped up as an affair.
Musavvir vegetable

I was very happy in the silence of the sun
Why the cloud of your memory hit my head
Ahmed Mushtaq

When is the sunshine evening, what is the news
I have been standing in my shadow since age
Akhtar hoshiarpur

Raising the mask
The sun is coming out
Mahir-ul Qadri

Is it a tirade
Why are these people in the sun?
Hasib soz

Keep burning all day in the heat of the hot sun
Cool cool air then sleep sleep sleep
Nasir Kazmi

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Dhoop said that I am Abi watan tera
I did not bother Say-e-Wall again
Farhat realization (sincere)

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