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During the winter season, it becomes necessary to protect the skin from the dry and cool winds. The reason for this is that during the winter season, the natural moisture of the skin starts decreasing. In such a situation, when we wear woolen and warm clothes, itching is felt in the body. That is, the problem of itching on the skin in this season is often due to dry skin and wearing warm clothes. Therefore, it is important that the skin is protected from dryness in this season. For this, you can keep your skin soft by taking some homely and easy remedies. Due to this cold winds will not be able to steal the moisture of your skin and you will avoid itching problem.

Neem will help relieve itching
Neem has been used in our homes since ancient times to remove many skin problems. It is considered very good for the skin. If you have an itchy skin, you can use neem leaves. They have antiseptic and anti-biotic properties, which is helpful in relieving itching. For this, whenever taking a bath, boil neem leaves in water and then take a bath with this water. This will give comfort.

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Massage will provide comfort

Mustard oil is beneficial for dry and lifeless skin. The skin remains moisturized by its massage. So during winter days, do it twice a week so that before bathing, massage the skin with mustard oil. This will relieve itching problem. The anti-bacterial properties present in it are helpful in relieving skin rashes, itching etc. Sunflower seed oil with vitamin E is also helpful in maintaining skin moisture.

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Take care of food
While skin care is essential to avoid itching etc., it is also important to take care of your diet. Skin starts to dry due to the cold winds. Due to this, the moisture from the body starts decreasing gradually. So drink enough water to keep the skin hydrated. Also, include fruits and green vegetables in your diet. This will give skin nutrition. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them)

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