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(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

In the evening, the market should be out and to go hungry and go hungry. You are wondering what to eat, at the same time someone is frying hot Bhaji on a large pan in front of you and also put butter in it. Believe it, the aroma of Mixed Vegetables and the fragrant aroma of Pav sank in hot butter will increase your appetite. Also, you will capture your mind so much that your eyes will not go anywhere else.

Mumbai to Delhi
Yes, I am talking about Pav bhaji. By the way, this is Marathi or simply say that Bombayya is the dish of Mumbai. But, in the present time even in North India, in every small and big city, you will find pav-bhaji’s carts or stalls. Also, in most food chains of big cities, Pav-Bhaji has replaced an important dish. It is a matter of course that only someone knows how to make pav-baji good, because this work is difficult.

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History will surprise
Do you know how it originated? So in fact, there were many textile mills in Mumbai and many workers worked there. But, the food which was present at that time used to take a lot of time to cook and the laborers did not get nutritional. Then, after frying all the vegetables after mixing them in one, Bhaji was made after almost grinding. So that all the nutrition is available. At that time, Pav was famous, and this became ‘Yarana’. Which has spread in the country and abroad today.

No fix recipe
There is no fix recipe of pav-bhaji i.e. it will be like vegetable. Whatever vegetable is available, it is made by mixing it. It is usually made by mixing potatoes, onions, carrots, peppers, peas, pumpkin, tomatoes and other seasonal vegetables. With this, there is a ‘pav’ baked from all sides in the butter. But, until the finely chopped onions and lemons are with it, the circle of flavors is not complete.

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Healthy fast food
So as you read this food was developed for nutritional. You can also make it easily at home and according to your own taste can also be customized. Although it has been kept in the category of fast food, but it is quite beneficial instead of other fast food. Nowadays there are many types of Pav Bhaji available in the market. Actually, we Indians do so much experimentation with foreign mines, so pav-bhaji is our Indian food.

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