Priyanka Chopra’s ‘white tiger’ dress is getting a lot of buzz, the price will fly away

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @priyankachopra)

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @priyankachopra)

Priyanka Chopra, who has won her acting from Bollywood to Hollywood, is in the headlines these days. Mrs Jonas is creating a sensation by putting a photo of herself in a ‘white tiger’ dress on social media.

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new Delhi. Actress who carries success flags from Bollywood to Hollywood Priyanka Chopra Often in the headlines. These days, there is a lot of discussion about one of his photos. Actually, Priyanka shared a photo with her dog on social media in which both of them are seen wearing tiger print dress. Priyanka is enjoying the success of her film ‘The White Tiger’ these days, although Priyanka is working on many projects these days, despite being very active on her social media. She keeps sharing her videos related to film and personal life.

Priyanka has shared a white black striped dress that looks like White Tiger on Instagram. Also wrote the caption that ‘White Tiger and his child’. Also, the film ‘The White Tiger’ hashtagged. Priyanka is wearing black glasses with a highneck dress and is wearing big earrings in the ears. Also matching black sandals. Priyanka looks amazing in this photo. But you will be shocked to hear the price of this dress. According to media reports, the cost of this dress is $ 2,600, which is about 1 lakh 89 thousand 872 rupees Indian rupees.

(Photo courtesy: Instagram @priyankachopra)

Priyanka’s film ‘The White Tiger’ is released on Netflix on 13 January. This film has been liked by the audience. In this film, Priyanka Chopra has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category of the Gold House Awards for her excellent acting. In this film, he has star Rajkumar Rao and Adarsh ​​Gaurav. He has received a nomination in the Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor categories. These days Priyanka is busy with many international projects. These days he has films like ‘Matrix 4’ and ‘Text for You’. A few days ago, Priyanka’s husband Nick Jonas said that he hopes Priyanka will be the first Jonas to win the Oscar.

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