the fashion of old type jewellery is coming back giving a banjaran look mt– News18 Hindi

In the case of fashion, the past seems to be returning again. Then it should be of fashion clothes, or of jewelery. These days, the jewelery of old age which is in fashion trend is giving you Banjaran look. The trend of old-time jewelery is coming back not only in artificial jewelery but also in gold jewelery. People are looking for artificial jewelery where they are looking for it in the markets, while there are special orders for making gold jewelery.

Hasli replaced necklace
These days people are preferring to wear Hassali instead of necklace, whether it is gold or artificial. Not only this, the guinea necklace is also in trend.

Banjaran hardened to replace Payal
Some time ago, the fashion trend of wearing anklets on feet was replaced by Banjaran Kadas. They are tight in tight legs and do not have ghungroos, due to which girls and women going to office are seen wearing them.

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Bracelets are replaced by bangles
Bangles may now be seen in some wrists. Bracelets are being replaced by them, especially those bracelets that look like banjharan after wearing them. Women and women are seen carrying them not only in the wedding-party but also on the normal days.

The waistband is also returning fashion
There was also a time when a girl or a woman wearing a waistband, also known as a tagdi, looked at her as if she had worn anything worn in the village. Today, the trend of waistband in fashion is also back. Not only many girls but women are also wearing it with sari.

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Nosering and nosepin are also in trend
Till a few days ago, girls used to do nose peel as out of fashion and today they put it at the top of fashion. The big nose wears pins and nosering that give a banjaran look. Many models and bloggers, wearing nose pins and nosering, have been clicking photos and posting on social media.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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