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Feeling or gum of too much happiness, one thing is in every situation, that is Hugging. But for some reason, if it cannot happen for a long time, how will it feel? Obviously irritability will increase and you will not feel mentally fit. In fact, touch is a feeling that everyone wants to feel. Be it humans or animals. The Guardian According to the news of this feeling of touch, the person gets used to it only when the fetus is in the mother’s womb. But for the last almost one year, due to Kovid-19, people have been left unaware of this touch, which has made a great impact on the hearts and minds of people. Especially those who have lived alone during Kovid’s period. During this period, some people who have felt alone and lacked the sense of touch have shared their experiences.

Professor Francis McGlone, a neuroscientist at Liverpool John Moores University and a man working in the field of affection touch, says- When we are alone, we feel that we lack something in our lives, but it Can not feel that the thing we are feeling lacking is touch. Despite knowing the truth, we do not believe that what we want is touch.

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Nina Smith, 40, who lives alone in South London, says – I had a spinal injury in 2018, after which I had to stay in bed for a long time. The pain was so much that it was difficult for anyone to touch me, due to which I could not hug those who came to meet me. But after several months, as soon as I started recovering and I felt that I can go out, meet people, then only the lockdown started. How I lived that period alone and without touching anyone, I cannot tell.

Dr. Katerina Photopalu, Professor of Psychiatry Neuroscience at University College London, says. This is because we are completely dependent on the caregiver to fulfill the main needs of the body. This is why we feel touch a lot. Evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University says- Touch has a great effect on our psychological and physical health. When we are with family or friends, we touch each other more than we feel.

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They say- In Dunbar’s research it has been found that on average we have five friends, whose touch we want and on whose shoulder we can cry. It is also surprising that during the BBC and Welcome Collection survey in 2020, 40,000 people from 112 countries used the most to describe touch, the words were relaxed, warm and loving. In which the feel of touch was clearly visible.

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