When doing makeup with contact lenses, keep these things in mind

Everyone wants to look beautiful and eyes are important in nose beauty along with face beauty. Kajal, Eyeshadow with contact lenses (Contact Lens) is also in trend, but if you do not take care while applying makeup, it can cause problems. Here we are going to tell you what kind of negligence should be avoided while applying contact lenses.

Don’t forget to wash hands:

Your hands should be clean and washed before applying lenses during makeup. Especially if you have applied any cream or moisturizer on the face. Infection can occur in the eyes by applying and removing lenses with dirty hands.
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The liner should not go inside the eyes:

While applying eye liner during makeup, make sure that the liner does not get inside the eyes. Eye liner starts burning and watering in the eyes. There is also the fear of damage to the lens. Always apply the liner on the waterline. Similar precautions need to be taken while applying mascara on eyelashes. Fake eyelashes should also be avoided.

Avoid powdered eye shadows:

If you apply contact lenses, then you need to be more vigilant while applying eye makeup. Avoid using powdered eye shadows while applying eye makeup. There is a possibility of going inside the eyes, due to which there may be a risk of infection.

Remove lenses before removing makeup

Anytime you want to remove makeup, first remove the contact lens and then remove the makeup from the face. After removing the lens, clean them and keep them in their box. Any makeup you have done on the eyes should always be removed with cotton or use lid wipes.

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Keep the lens clean:

Taking care of lens cleanliness is also important for both eyes and contact lenses. Therefore, pay special attention to their maintenance as well. Clean the lens with your doctor’s recommended solution. For cleaning them, hydrogen peroxide can be used. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.

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