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new Delhi. The price of petrol has disturbed people at this time. Due to which common people are now looking for other options other than petrol vehicles. In which electric vehicles are growing the fastest and people are also very fond of these vehicles. One of the main reasons for the increase in electric vehicle market is the low maintenance cost. With this, traveling by electric vehicle is also much cheaper than petrol vehicle. There is another reason for this. Knowing whom you would like to buy an electric vehicle. Let’s know some such big reasons …

Low maintenance of EV Electric vehicle maintenance is cheaper than petrol and diesel vehicles. It also has a large petrol and diesel price increasing daily. At the same time, a report has said that electric vehicles are 50 percent cheaper than petrol and diesel vehicles.

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Changeable Battery – Many electric vehicle manufacturers are going to introduce the facility of charging batteries in the coming days by replacing the discharge battery of the car at the battery charging station. If this service starts in the country once, then traveling via electric vehicle will become even easier. At the same time, this technology can be started by the first automaker MG company in the country.

Smooth Driving Experience- Electric car makers have done a great job designing their cars. Whenever you drive an electric car, you will have a much more comfortable experience than ICE vehicles. While driving the electric car, you will not even get the noise of any under-engine noise. After which you can say that electric cars provide a great experience in traveling compared to petrol and diesel cars.

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Tax exemption in buying electric vehicle If you buy an electric vehicle on installments, you can get a tax rebate of Rs 1.5 lakh. Along with this, the Central and Delhi Government are also giving subsidy on the purchase of electric vehicles. In this case, you will compare petrol and diesel cars with electric cars. So you will find it very cheap.

Electric vehicle does not cause pollution At this time the whole world is troubled by pollution. Which includes a developing country like India. In such a situation, if you buy an electric car, you will help in preventing pollution. Because there is no carbon emission from electric vehicles.

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