Big fall in chicken prices! The rate reached Rs 35 a kg, leg piece is being sold at this price

new Delhi: Due to bird flu, the prices of chicken and eggs fell such that they have not been handled yet. The price of chicken is constantly coming down not only in Asia’s biggest chicken market Ghazipur. Due to this, there is a ruckus among the poultry farm owners. Due to this condition of the market, their cost is also not coming out. Chicken has arrived at the rate of 35 rupees per kg. At the same time, the prices of leg pieces and chicken tangdi have also come down.

According to the Ghazipur chicken market wholesaler Jamil, of course, there is talk of ending the bird flu, but there is still a large section that is neither eating chicken nor eating eggs. Now in such a situation, if a class is eating chicken, then they are taking advantage of the current situation and asking for cheaper chicken. This is the reason that if there is a lot of demand in the chicken market, it belongs to this class, but it needs cheaper due to which the rates are not increasing.

This is the chicken rate in Ghazipur market today
According to Jamil, today the highest rated chicken in Ghazipur market is being sold at Rs 56 per kg. This rate is of hens weighing 1250 grams. Along with this, a cock weighing 1400 grams is being sold for 54 rupees, 54 of 1700 grams and chicken weighing 2.5 kg at the rate of 48 rupees. At the same time, chicken weighing up to 900 grams is being sold at the rate of 35 rupees per kg.

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This rate is leg piece and chicken tangdi-lollipop

Jamil says that if you want to buy different parts of chicken, today in the market, the chicken legi number 11 is selling at a price of 140 rupees 140, 10 number 120 and 7-8 number 100 rupees. The Thai of chicken is 130 rupees a kg. If you want to take fresh chopped chicken, then it is being sold for Rs 90 a kg.

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