Bone can break even if you cough and sneeze, do you have osteoporosis?

Everything About Osteoporosis: Do you have osteoporosis if your bones are broken by light-weight shaking more easily? Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones. Inside a healthy bone there are small holes like a hive. This disease increases the size of these holes. That is, the density of bone works, due to which the bones become thin and weak and the risk of their breakdown increases significantly. By the way, this disease can happen to people of any age. But it is many times more likely to happen in the elderly and women.

Report published in Healthline According to, about 53 million people in the United States are struggling with this disease and many of these people are also at high risk of getting this disease. In osteoporosis, the bones most at risk of rupture during daily activities include ribs, hip, wrist and spine bones.
Symptoms of Osteoporosis:
In the early stages of this disease, there are no symptoms of any kind. This increases the risk of unexpected fractures. But if your gums are having trouble, the grip is getting weak, nails are broken or someone in your family has had osteoporosis before, you should contact your doctor. If osteoporosis is not treated on time So it can be serious. Bones can become thin and weak, which can break even if only cough and sneezing or jerking a little. How long it will take to heal this fracture will depend on your age, medical history and where the fracture is and how serious it is.

There is a risk factor for increasing age, menopause and many more
The risk factor for osteoporosis is many, among which increasing age and menopause is the greatest risk factor. After 30 years, as your age increases, the density of bones decreases and the bones start to weaken, which is more likely to break. At the same time, hormones change when menopause starts in women around the age of 45 to 55 years. Due to this, the probability of fracture is high. It is not that fracture does not occur in men. But when men reach the age of 65 to 70, they are more likely to fracture. Many of the risk factors of osteoporosis include poor nutrition, smoking, reduced body weight, family history of osteoporosis, being female, Decreased physical activity is included.

Implement these

There is no cure for osteoporosis. But it can be tried through some things that bones can be saved from breaking. To keep your bones healthy, you must include some nutrients in your daily diet. The most important of these is calcium and vitamin D. Also, include protein, magnesium, vitamin ‘K’ and zinc in your food. Do weight gain exercises. Do not smoke Keep consulting the doctors.

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