Budget 2021-22: Poultry was left empty in the budget again, sought loan subsidy

new Delhi: Budget 2021: Poultry business worth thousands of crores of rupees is left empty in the budget this time, the budget from which the poultry business was expected to get subsidy, it has got a loan, due to which the poultry businessmen are depressed. Explain that the business which supplies 25 crore eggs daily to the country is expected to have a bad effect on its business. At the same time, after farming, it is the kind of business that faces the most natural disasters and risks.

Nawab Ali, president of the UP Egg Association, told News18 Hindi that today it has been proposed to give more loans in the animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries sector in the budget. For this, a provision of Rs. 40000 crore has been kept in the budget, whereas our three demands were something else which is related to subsidy.

Poultry business needs this three relief
Nawab Ali explains that today the poultry business needs three things very soon. If this relief was not given to the poultry business soon, then very few poultry have stopped, this number will go above expectation. The first demand is that the MSP of eggs should be fixed in the same way as crops. The power connection for poultry should be kept out of the commercial category and the third demand is to provide relief to create a cold room to lay eggs in a poultry farm with a subsidy of 75 per cent.

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If excluding 2 months of winter, the egg is sold from Rs 360 to Rs 425. Eggs are to be stored in cold storage during summer, separately. Poultry also gets electricity at commercial rate.

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