Congratulate Republic Day by sending these messages to your close ones

The country is going to celebrate 71st Republic Day on 26 January. The Constitution of India got its existence on the same day in 1950. The Constitution of India is one of the largest and oldest written constitutions in the world. The Indian Constitution is a separate constitution of its kind in a world full of diversities.

It took a full 2 ​​years, 11 months and 18 days for it to come into existence, after which this constitution became applicable to the entire country on 26 January 1950. On this day, people across the country celebrate and wish each other the best of the Republic. In such News18 india Greeting the countrymen through some wallpapers.

There are two reasons why Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January in India. The Constituent Assembly accepted the Constitution of India on 26 November 1949, while on 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force throughout the country.

Republic Day is celebrated every year to commemorate this. The day of 26 January was chosen because on 26 January 1929, the Congress passed the resolution of complete Swaraj against the slavery of the British.

India became a Republic country on 26 January, so Republic Day is celebrated. The Constitution of India came into force on the day of Republic Day.

The country was liberated on Independence Day 15 1947. Hence, Independence Day is celebrated every year on 15 August and Republic Day on 26 January.

India celebrated the first Republic Day in 1950, India celebrated the first Republic Day on 26 January 1950.

Accordingly we are going to celebrate the 71st Republic Day in 2020. The Constitution of India came into force on this day.

On this day, all government and private institutions in India have a holiday. A public holiday is declared in India.

Where do you get a republic day ticket? This year i.e. in 2020, you can get tickets for Republic Day Parade from Sena Bhawan, North Block, Red Fort, Parliament House, Jantar Mantar, Shastri Bhavan etc.

Republic Day Parade is held at Rajpath in the country. The parade is eight kilometers long and starts from Raisina Hill. After that through Rajpath, India Gate, it ends at the Red Fort.

On 26 January 1950, the first Republic Day parade took place at the erstwhile Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium) instead of Rajpath. At that time there was no boundary wall around the Irvine Stadium and the red fort was clearly visible behind it.

The Constitution of India was implemented at 10.18 minutes on 26 January 1950. The Constitution of India was implemented on 26 January keeping in mind the full Swaraj Day (26 January 1930).

A 21-gun salute is offered during the national anthem. This 21-gun salute begins at the start of the national anthem and ends with the end of the 52-second national anthem.

Every year on Republic Day, the state’s treasures emerge, which are also broadcast live on TV. Many people also visit India Gate on the occasion of Republic Day, especially to see the tableaux.

Along with this, gallantry awards are also given on the occasion of Republic Day.

Until 26 January 1930, when the British Government did nothing, then on that day the Congress declared the determination of complete independence of India and started its active movement.

On 15 August 1947, Independence Day began to be celebrated on this day after attaining actual independence. After India became independent, the Constituent Assembly was announced and it started its work from 9 December 1947.

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