Herd of elephants roaming in the village at midnight, people imprisoned inside homes for fear

A herd of elephants suddenly entered the village of Haldwani in the night, after which panic spread in the village.  (Symbolic photo)

A herd of elephants suddenly entered the village of Haldwani in the night, after which panic spread in the village. (Symbolic photo)

In the villages of Haldwani, a group of Elephants have sneaked inside. People are upset to see this group of elephants. People are taking different kinds of support to drive them away.

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Haldwani The terror of Elephants in the villages around Haldwani continues these days. Last night, a herd of elephants suddenly entered the villages, causing fear among the villagers. Due to which crops are being harmed, as well as the life of humans is also threatened. Seeing the threat of life from elephants, people are imprisoned inside their homes. The latest case is in the early hours of Wednesday when several elephants reached Kharakpur village adjacent to Haldwani-Motahldu.

On seeing the herd of elephants close, the sleep of the people vanished. Despite the exorcism of the rural people, elephants did not budge. After all, the villagers chased the elephants with the help of clapping and thali. Seeing the threat of life, the villagers called the forest team, after which the team reached the spot and the forest team fired air. After this, elephants ran towards the fields and ran towards the forest. The video of elephants entering the village is becoming very viral on social media. The villagers have recorded from their mobiles.

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Elephants are cropping the crop According to village head Shankar Joshi of Kharakpur village, elephants come to the fields every day. Sometimes they are in herds and sometimes a lone tusker elephant appears in the countryside. The elephant eats a crop like sugarcane. At the same time, it tramples wheat-paddy or other crops with its feet, which also affects the yield of rural farmers.
Villagers are waiting for fencing

Villagers living in Halduchaud, Motahldu, Rampur Road and Bindukhata have long demanded solar fencing in areas adjacent to the forest, so that elephants cannot enter the village. According to Sandeep Kumar, DFO of the Terai-Eastern Division, a proposal for solar tensile fencing has been sent to the government. Some budget has also been met. Through this, solar fencing is being done in some areas. According to DFO Kumar, the villagers have to be more vigilant until the fencing does not happen. Also, upon receipt of information about elephant movement, it has to be informed immediately. So that people do not suffer any harm along with humans.

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