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Furniture is very useful in enhancing the beauty of the house, but if these furniture are not metand and broken, then they spoil the beauty of the house. Many times new furniture is brought into the house but due to lack of maintenance, they soon start deteriorating and the entire show of the house gets spoiled. In such a situation, if we maintain these furniture and keep some things in mind, then these furniture will be new from year to year. Let us know what things we can keep in mind by keeping the furniture in mind.

Protect from direct sunlight

Many times our home furniture starts to deteriorate even after cleaning. In fact, if the strong sunlight falls on these wooden furniture, then they start losing their beauty in the high temperature. Not only this, furniture with fine finishes starts shrinking in temperature and cracking. So keep in mind that your expensive furniture is not getting strong sunlight. To protect from sunlight, you should either keep the furniture in a shade area or use a protective film in the window.

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Clean up carefully

Wooden furniture needs cleaning. They get spoiled in dusty soil. In this way, dust them daily. But keep in mind that the dust is clean and soft. If there is a stain, then for this, pour soapy water in a mug and clean it with the help of sponge.

Do not delay in removing stains

If anything has stained on the table or any other furniture, clean it immediately. The delay in cleaning it, the deeper the stain can be. In this case, they need to be cleaned quickly.

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Avoid termites

There is a risk of termites in old furniture. Especially if the furniture is made of wood, then this risk increases even more. In such a situation, keep checking from time to time that there is no termite in the furniture. Polish past resistance once every 3-4 years. You can also coat aloe vera on furniture to keep termites away.

Be careful if you are at home

If you have dogs or cats in your house then you need to be cautious. They may spoil furniture with teeth or nails.

Be careful during shift

Make them bubble wrap while shifting furniture. Cushions can also be used for packing them. Doing this will not cause scratches. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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