Shock to Paytm users! Now adding money to the wallet with a credit card has become more expensive, know how much will the extra charge

new Delhi. You use Paytm Wallet to buy goods from grocery stores, pay water and electricity bills, book gas cylinders, recharge mobile and DTH or for online orders. Paytm has emerged as the largest digital payment option across the country due to the highest circulation. Because of this, people are making small and big transactions by loading money from credit card into Paytm wallet. If you also use Paytm for normal transactions then this is bad news for you. Using Paytm has become expensive again.

2.07 to 4.07 percent extra charge
According to the information given on, now if a user adds money to a Paytm wallet by credit card, then he will have to pay an extra charge of 2.5%. According to Paytm’s website, this rule has come into force from 15 January 2021. You will have to pay an extra charge of 3 percent for adding money to American Express’s credit card. Interestingly, many users complain that they are charging 2.07 per cent for adding money to credit cards in Paytm wallet. At the same time, many users say that they are charging 4.07 percent.

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From October 15, there was an extra charge of 2%

Earlier, on October 15, 2020, if a person used to add money to a Paytm wallet with a credit card, then he had to pay an additional charge of 2 percent. For example, if you used to add Rs 100 to a Paytm wallet with a credit card, then you had to make a payment of Rs 102 with your credit card.

No extra charge will be given for making payment on merchant site
However, there will be no extra charge on payment from Paytm on any merchant site. There will be no charge even when transferring from Paytm to Paytm Wallet. At the same time, there will be no charge even if you add money to Paytm Wallet with debit card or NetBanking.

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On 1 January 2020, the company also changed the rules
Earlier, the rules were also changed on 1 January 2020. In the month, the company started taking a charge of 2 percent on adding more than 10 thousand rupees money from credit card.

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