Stress of Kovid-19 became a major problem for periods …

Ever since the era of Korana has passed, irregularities have started happening in my periods. Earlier I used to go to office, then I used to walk. Sara-I used to get stressed by staying in the house all day. My weight is also more than this, I am facing more problems. Now the period does not come on time, the whole cycle has gone wrong – it is to say that 34-year-old Mamta’s (changed name) of Almora Uttarakhand and this story is not only of one Mamta but every other woman and girl in this era This is a problem. Korana has changed everything, from the living to the food, even the menstrual cycle of women has not remained untouched by this. Everyone knows that this time women have to fight on both sides. The financial condition of the family, health concerns of the family members, online classes of children, household chores and the stress of work from work if working. Here we will talk about such reasons and their effects.

Reproductive system impacted

Studies have surfaced That the effect of the corona virus in women and children has been less. But for a long time, the risk of its complications is greater for women. There are many case histories in which women and women have admitted that their period cycle has changed during the Kovid-19 era. It is not unknown that during this time the mental health of women has been affected and besides this their reproductive system has also been affected.

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What the reports say

Reports published in Medical News Today According to the women who came to the mental cycle after getting Kovid, they have had to suffer from problems like mental stress. According to experts, this kind of stress can have a long-term impact on the reproductive system of women. Doctors believe that problems in menstrual cycle are due to stress and anxiety. Traveling suddenly, completing the deadline of office, emotional distress is the important reason for stress. Stress born out of this epidemic and lockdown had the most impact on women.

The effect of Kovid period on women:

Periods are irregular, periods are missed, heavy bleeding occurs.

Mood swings increase.

Mental health affected.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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