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(Vivek Kumar Pandey)

The first image that is made in the mind as soon as you speak paratha is normal potato or cabbage or radish paratha. Paneer and onion parathas are also included along the same lines. But, when we are in Kolkata, paratha here means ‘Mughlai Paratha’. Both its texture and taste are completely different from the usual parathas.

Mughlai paratha is a very famous street food. This dish was first made in the Bengal province during the Mughal period. In order to appease the emperor at the Royal Court of Jahangir, it was first created by the royal chef Adil Hafiz Osman. Mainly it consists of mutton mince, egg, onion and chilli. However, other stuffing is also being done nowadays.

Choice of two countries

This food is equally liked in two countries. That is India (West Bengal) and Bangladesh. Since both of these were inside the same sultan during the Mughal period, this food was very much liked in both Murshidabad and Dhaka. It grew more in cities. Today it is a special choice of the streets of Kolkata.

Special on every special occasion
Mughal paratha’s hand carts are definitely visible on the occasion of every festival in Bengal. You are seen eating it with fervor everywhere. Onion is served with Mughlai Paratha because it itself has so much flavor in it that there is no need to add anything separately.

Puri and Paratha Mix
Baking is not done to make it. It is fried in a square shape on a deep griddle and then grinded into small pieces. Some people eat it frankly in less oil, but in the traditional way it is fried on a deep pan.

There is also a place in Delhi
If you are in Delhi and want to taste the Mughlai Paratha then you do not need to go to Kolkata. You can taste it only in Delhi’s CR Park. You will get absolutely authentic Mughlai Paratha available at some special stalls in CR Park Market number one and two. If you are fond of Bengali mines, then this dish is for you, but if you like less, it is still cooked once. There is definitely a little fat but you will do more jogging in the morning.

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