15-year-old boy modified his bicycle, will see Bajaj Chetak– News18 Hindi

new Delhi. You must have seen the bike and car modified many times. But these days, the cycle modified by a 15-year-old boy is becoming viral on social media. This bicycle looks like Bajaj Chetak when viewed from a distance. While this is really just a bicycle. Which has been modified by a boy of 15 years. According to our partner website News 18 English, the name of the boy who modified the bicycle is Adith. Who told that many times he has been stopped for driving a helmet scooter on the road. But when the police noticed his modified bike carefully, he left it.

The modified bicycle was named as ‘Chessy’ Adith has named his Modified bicycle as Chassi. When asked about its name, Adith said that ‘Chessi’ means (Chetak + Cycle). Therefore, its short form is chassis.

Hobby to drive two-wheeler Adith said that he is fond of driving a two-wheeler. But according to the law, he cannot get a driving license right now. So he modified his bicycle to look like a scooter. For this, Adith used the chase of the scooter, which looks like Bajaj Chetak when viewed from the front. Adith’s modified bicycle also has rear mirrors which help her to see the vehicle coming from the rear.

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Viral is becoming increasingly on social media The video of Adith’s modified bike is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video is of 6 minutes in which Adith is telling about his Modified Cycle.

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