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new Delhi. During the lockdown, when public transport was closed, many people felt that it is necessary to have a car in the house. Because in many emergency outside, the car was a better option for going to another city. This is the reason that now the second hand car market is once again booming. In a low budget, it is right and small but people are now wanting to get a car. The situation is that second hand car dealers are also more focused in buying and selling small cars.

If the budget is one lakh, then this is the option – If you are also planning to get a car and your budget is one lakh, then you have many options. Cars like Maruti Alto, WagonR, Centro which are of 2008-2009 model and can be easily found in the budget of one lakh rupees. The maintenance of these cars is also not much. Almost all companies like Maruti’s True Value, mahindra first choice have started to deal in second hand cars. Where companies sell the car offered by the customer on the exchange. From here you can get a car according to your budget. Along with this, OLX, Cars 24 are also selling certified second hand cars.

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Dealers are also looking for vehicles – Rakesh, who works in a car deal in Noida, says that since the lockdown people have realized the need to have a car at home. This is the reason people are looking for vehicles. We also have to find small vehicles, that is, low budget vehicles. Because it is also true that those who have small vehicles also know their value in lockdown and they too are not selling cars.

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If you want to take a high model in a low budget then this is also a way – Car expert Shahzad says that the desire to get a high model car in a low budget can also be fulfilled. For this, the best option is to drive by taxi. They say that due to the lockdown, people in the taxi business had to face a lot of problems who had taken new vehicles and whose livelihood was also a taxi. The installment of the car was going but there was no income. Due to this, many taxi drivers are selling their vehicles at this time. They say that the Alto or WagonR of 2015 model can be got up to 1.5 lakh only in Delhi. It costs about 20 thousand to make it private.

These precautions while taking a car – Taking a second-hand car is also a risk when you buy a car and its documents without checking. In the case of getting a car for a low price, you may also get a stolen car from someone. So it is better to take the car from an acquaintance or from trusted dealers. Never guess the condition of the car only by taking a five minute test ride, rather run it continuously for at least 20 minutes and it would be better to take the car only after showing it to a mechanic.

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