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Haridwar Kumbh 2021: Preparations for the Kumbh Mela to be held in Haridwar are in their final stages. The first royal bath of Kumbh will take place on 11 March 2021 on the day of Mahashivaratri. According to mythological beliefs, the devotees who take a bath in the Ganges in Kumbha get its fruits multiplied. Such a person is freed from the bond of birth and death after death and attains salvation. But do you know the mythological stories of Kumbh. There are many mythological stories about Kumbh. Let’s read the stories of Kumbh and take virtue benefits …

First story of Kumbh:

The first story is related to Indra in which the divine garland given by Durvasa was unbearable insult. Indra put that garland on Airavat’s forehead and Airavat pulled it down and crushed it with her feet. Durvasa consequently gave a terrible curse, which caused chaos in the whole world. The subjects woke up from uneasiness and famine. By the grace of Narayan, Lakshmi appeared through the process of sea-churning, in which rain began to fall and the suffering of the farming class was cut.

The demons who were deprived of amritpana hid Kumbh in Naglok from where Garuda saved it and in the same context, the places where they placed the urn before reaching Kshirsagar became famous as Kumbh sites.

Second story of Kumbh:

The second story is related to Prajapati Kashyap’s two wives. Controversy ensued over whether Sun’s horse is black or white. Whose thing will turn out to be false will become a maid. Kadru’s son was Nagaraja Vasu and Vineta’s son was Vaanteya Garuda. Kadru inspired his Nagavans to cover the blacks of the Sun with their blackness and consequently Vinata lost. In order to free herself from the helpless crisis as a maid, Vinata asked her son Garuda, so he asked how this could happen. Kadru put a condition that whenever someone brings Vasuki-protected Amrit-Kumbh from Naglok, I will give him freedom from slavery.

Vinata entrusted this responsibility to his son in which he succeeded. Garuda went to the ashram situated on the Gandhamadan mountain in Uttarakhand of his father Kashyap Muni, while being a landlord with the nectar urn. On the other hand, Vasuki gave information to Indra. Indra attacked Garuda four times and spilled the nectar of Kumbh at all four famous places, which led to the concept of Kumbh festival.

Garuda Nag struggle became prominent in this story in place of Devasur Sangram. Indra himself came in front of Jayant. It is difficult to say which story is more reliable and popular.

Third story of sea-churning:

This story tells the story of Indra disregarding the sage Durvasa, whose anger was withstood, and consequently losing his throne. With the help of Mandar Parvat and Vasuki Nag, preparations for Samudra Manthan started. The snake Vasuki was wrapped around the Mandar mountain and used as a rope. Not only this, Vishnu took the form of a turtle and kept the Mandar mountain on his back and saved him from drowning in the ocean.

During this Amrit Manthan in Kshir Sagar, not only the cup of nectar but also many other things came out of the ocean, which were distributed equally among the gods and asuras. During the churning of the ocean, the first cup of poison, Hallahal, came out, which neither the gods nor the demons wanted to take. This poison was so dangerous that it could destroy the entire universe. Lord Shiva himself came to accept the Halahal poison.

Shiva drank his cup of poison, but his wife Parvati, who was standing with him, grabbed his neck so that the poison could not get inside him. In such a situation neither the poison came out of his throat nor went inside his body. He got stuck in his neck, due to which his throat became blue.

The gods wanted that not a single sip could be found in the cup of nectar, or else they would become immortal. At the same time, Asuras wanted to drink nectar in any form to increase their powers and remain immortal. Lord Vishnu himself had to take the form of Mohini so that the Asuras could not take the cup of nectar in their hands, so that they could divert the attention of the Asuras from the nectar and feed the whole cup to the gods. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please contact the concerned expert before implementing them)

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