Fake notes were printed after learning from YouTube videos, 3 people climbed up

3 people from the gang who printed fake notes, went up to the police.

3 people from the gang who printed fake notes, went up to the police.

Bhagwanpur police have arrested three gang miscreants of fake currency printing. Those caught told that they used to learn from YouTube videos and used to print fake notes.

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  • Last Updated:February 7, 2021, 8:43 PM IS

Roorkee Bhagwanpur police has revealed the gang that printed fake currency. After accurate information, the police have arrested 3 gang miscreants (Arrest). Fake notes worth 27 thousand 900 rupees have been recovered from the people caught. The arrested miscreants said that they learned how to make fake notes by watching YouTube videos. The people of this gang have already gone to jail (Jail). The police is interrogating them and collecting information about the entire network of printing fake notes.

Police was searching for this gang

In the Bhagwanpur police station area, cases of making fake notes have also been caught earlier. Police had been getting information for some time that a fake note-making gang is active in Bhagwanpur police station area. Police was especially searching for this. On Sunday, the police succeeded in arresting the three accused who had been printed in the market by printing fake notes. 27 thousand 900 fake currency including scanner, color printer, paper cutter have been recovered from the arrested gang members. In which 150 fake notes of 100 rupees and 258 fake notes of 50 rupees have been found.

Sanjay has been arrested earlier tooAccording to the police, the accused used to learn how to make fake notes by watching YouTube. He started printing fake notes only after watching videos on YouTube. According to the police, the accused has already gone to jail on the charge of making fake notes. The jai, Ramesh, Amrish Bhagwanpur and Saharanpur residents are said to be caught.

Criminal records of accused are being investigated

According to CO Mangalore Pankaj Gairola, the accused told in interrogation that they have run fake notes worth about 4 lakhs so far in Haridwar and Saharanpur districts. Police is currently interrogating the accused. Other gang associates are also being searched. In this case, the police have registered a case against the accused under various sections. The criminal record of the arrested accused is also being investigated.

Fake notes were handed over to poor laborers

The arrested accused used to give these notes to poor laborers and uneducated people so that they could not recognize it. According to the police, fake notes of 50 and 100 rupees look exactly like real. That is why people forget to take fake notes as real. The police have now started clamping down on fake currency traders.

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