Nirmala Sitharaman counters on opposition’s charge of selling ‘home jewelery’, said this

Mumbai. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday called the opposition’s charge of ‘selling family jewels’ meaningless as it emphasized privatization in the budget. He said that all previous governments have disinvested.

Modi government formulated clear policy
Addressing a meeting of businessmen in Mumbai, the Finance Minister said that instead of selling one company at a time, the Narendra Modi government has prepared a clear policy about which companies should be disinvested and which strategic areas Should not be touched

In the budget, it has been proposed to sell two public sector banks and one government insurance company. The opposition is constantly criticizing it. The opposition has termed it as selling family ornaments.

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Home jewelry is solidified
The Finance Minister said, “Which is the opposition’s allegation that home ornaments are being sold, it is not.” Home jewelry is made solid, it should be our strength. Since you spent on them so poorly that many of them are not able to run. There are some who can do better, but they were not given enough attention. ”

He said that even after reforms with socialist seal of the past, business was disrupted. There are many government companies that lack professional expertise. Right now some government companies are doing business in such areas, which are not important in strategic terms. The Finance Minister said that the aim of the government is to enable such undertakings through this policy. He said, “You need them, you need to take them on a large scale so that they fulfill the aspirations of a growing India.”

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No idea of ​​applying covid cess
Sitharaman said that the government has never thought of imposing Kovid-19 tax or cess. He said, “I don’t know how the discussion of imposing Kovid-19 tax or cess started in the media?” We have never had such an idea. ”The Finance Minister, while referring to the steps taken by the government during the Kovid-19 epidemic, said that when the developed economies of the world were struggling with this epidemic, we had found a way out of it. .

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