Not WhatsApp, but it became the world’s most downloaded app; Record breaking downloads in January

new Delhi. The beginning of the year 2021 was very good for the instant messaging app Telegram. Telegram has become the most downloaded app. It has overtaken apps such as TicketLock, Facebook and WhatsApp. In January, Telegram became the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world with 63 million or more than 6.3 million installs. It is believed that Telegram has benefited from the controversy over the new WhatsApp policy.

Most downloaded in India
According to the latest data released by the data analytics firm Sensor Tower, it was installed 3.8 times more than 6.2 million times in the year 2021 as compared to January 2020. Most users who install Telegram are from India. Of the 63 million who installed Telegram in January, 24 percent were from India. That is, Indians downloaded the most telegrams. After this, 10 percent of the users were from Indonesia. After this, TicketTalk was installed in India despite the ban.

Ticktalk still in second place despite the controversy
Despite being banned in India and the US-Pakistan contravention, TickTalk has become the second most downloaded app worldwide. According to the report of Sensor Tower, the short video sharing app TikTok became the second most installed app worldwide with around 6.2 million downloads. Most of all it has been installed in China and America. After this, on the third, fourth and fifth positions in the list of download apps, the signal, Facebook and WhatsApp were in order.

Know about the top 10 install apps ..

Instagram is sixth on the list of censor towers. The seventh was the video conferencing app Zoom. At the same time, MX TakaTak at number eight, Snapchat at ninth and Facebook Messenger at tenth place. Please tell that Telegram has received the most downloads on the Google Play Store as well. At the same time, if you look at the Apple App Store, iOS users have downloaded TikTok the most.

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