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Valentine Day 2021: Sexual health is an important part of people’s life. For women, sexual health is often associated with reproductive health, which makes it an important aspect of their health. Women face many obstacles that prevent them from receiving proper medical counseling, care and treatment for their sexual health needs and concerns. BetterHealth According to the report, most women are unaware that treatment and management options are available for their sexual health issues, and even though they are aware, many do not feel comfortable seeking help for such issues. This time, do not ignore sexual health in the excitement of love on the occasion of Valentines. Instead of ignoring the symptoms of these sexual health issues, immediately go to a gynecologist and get the right treatment.

Penetrative sex can be painful the first few times, especially if you are not lubricating properly. But experiencing a deep or superficial pain during sex can continuously indicate that you have underlying causes such as vaginal dryness or a genetic organ disorder.

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Some women are unable to fully take pleasure despite the excitement. This is known as anorgasmia and is a sexual disease which can be quite annoying for both you and your partner.

Endometrial tissue lines your uterus. But if this tissue grows behind the uterus, on the ovaries, or anywhere else, it causes endometriosis, which is a very painful condition.

uterine fibroids
Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors, mostly made up of muscle cells, which grow on or around the uterine walls. These not only cause period issues and infertility, but can also cause lower back pain.

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Interstitial cystitis
This is a condition in which the bladder walls become inflamed. Frequent urination, vagina and lower back pain, tenderness and abdominal discomfort are common in this condition.

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