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new Delhi. In the country these days, fake insurance cases of two wheeler and four wheeler are increasing rapidly. According to a report by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), fake insurance worth Rs 113 crore has been done in the country in the last 3 years. What the two wheeler and four wheeler owners do not know yet. If you have also recently got your vehicle insured. So you must check your insurance once. Because maybe, the insurance of your vehicle is also fake. Let us know how fraudsters do fake insurance and you can check your insurance as such.

How to do fake insurance Many times you get a phone call from an unknown number and from the other side you are told that, their insurance company is insuring two wheeler and four wheeler at a lower price under the offer. In such a situation, when you get 25% or 40% cheaper insurance than the market price. So you quickly transfer the money to the fake insurance company. Sometimes it happens that you get insurance first and you transfer the money later.

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When is insurance revealed to be fake – Whenever there is an accident in your car or two wheeler and your vehicle breaks down. After this, when you claim for insurance. So you come to know that your insurance is fake. In such a situation, you may also face a lot of trouble.

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Here’s how to know if the insurance is real or fake- IRDAI has also issued some guidelines to avoid this fraud going on in auto insurance. Taking care of them, people can avoid such fraud. By IRDAI www. A website named has also been started. Where you can avoid fraud by taking information. Whichever insurance company you are getting the vehicle insured. It is mandatory to be registered with IRDAI. In such a situation, you can first check the name of the insurance company by visiting the website of IRDAI to see if there is any company with that name. If not, do not get insurance by mistake. Every insurance company is given a unique identification number (UID) by IRDAI. Which also stays in your insurance policy. If your policy does not have a UID, then it means that the policy is fake. You can also complain to the IRDAI with the police.

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