Automotive influencers express gratitude to superstar mechanic

New Delhi. Top Automotive Influencers Total to express gratitude to mechanics Total Quartz Participated in the initiative of In the precarious times of the pandemic, our vehicles continued to pause, this was possible only due to the ease and commitment of the mechanics. Influencers / influential people brought forward their trusted mechanics to highlight their work.

total Quartz One of the important aspects of the Engine Ke Superstars Season 2 initiative is public gratitude to our mechanic community. This initiative exposes the stories of resilience and innovation discovered by mechanics during the Kovid-19 lockdown and provides viewers with a platform where they can interview stories and personal experiences related to their mechanics’ professional care and support.

Top Automotive Influencers Total to keep this chain of gratitude moving Quartz Engine Superstars became part of Season 2. Faizal Khan, Gagan Chaudhary and Rahul Joshi are known to millions of viewers for their reliable and accurate views on automotive issues.

As part of the initiative, each of them created a special video to give viewers a chance to meet their trusted repair mechanics, along with their vehicle repair and maintenance routines. Each of the influencers shared experiences about the automotive issues they have faced and also provided tips and tricks for what they learned from their mechanics over the years. At the end of each video, influencers ask the followers to answer questions asked by their followers. # SuperstarMechanics is special for those who love their car like Faizal Khan. Methods of keeping the machine running smoothly and how the epidemic affected this routine. See their discussion on this.

Gagan Chaudhary talks about specific automotive situations where his #SuperstarMechanic has helped him, apart from the tips and tricks he has taught.

For Rahul Joshi, spending time with his #SuperstarMechanic was about remembering his personal history as well as how the mechanic community dealt with the Kovid-19 epidemic and its effects.

Each Influencer’s sense of gratitude to their #SuperstarMechanics is a shining example for us to share their stories with mechanics about how they went beyond their duties to help customers in times of need.

You can also share the story of your #SuperstarMechanic and tell us how he moved forward and worked for the betterment of the community. Visit

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