Mahindra and Ford will not develop sports car together! Partnership freeze– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Ford Motor freezes all its ongoing projects with Mahindra & Mahindra. These two companies rarely make a car together in future. Let us tell you that both the company was developing 3 SUVs. Those have been frozen for the time being. According to Mint and Reuters Kekhbar looking at his business in Ford India. May contract with Mahindra on new terms.

Contract for 3 sport-utility vehicles Ford had contracted with Mahindra to develop three SUV cars. In which suppliers, powertrains and technology were to be shared between the two companies. Ford’s independent business in India was almost completely shut down due to this $ 275 million deal. Because of which Ford has taken this step.

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Decision taken after changing Ford CEO- Ford appointed Farley as the new CEO in October. After that, he had taken many tough steps to increase Ford’s business once again with an amount of $ 11 billion. The end of the partnership between Ford and Mahindra is also seen as Farley’s decision.

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Ford’s share of only 3 percent in Indian car market- Ford has a marginal share in the Indian car market in front of companies such as Maruti, Hyundai, Tata and Mahindra. Let us tell you that Ford knocked in the Indian market 25 years ago. But Ford’s car cannot compete with the cheaper cars of Maruti and Hyundai. In such a situation, Ford has only 3 percent share in the Indian market.

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