Number of users of Koo App exceeded 40 lakh, Kangana Ranaut has more than one lakh followers

The Kuo app is being seen as an alternative to Twitter.

The Kuo app is being seen as an alternative to Twitter.

The number of users of Desi Koo App is increasing rapidly in the midst of an ongoing conflict between the government and Twitter.

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New Delhi. The indigenous social media app Ku (KOO) has emerged these days amid the growing controversy over micro-blogging platform Twitter. In the last one week, Koo App has added 10 lakh users, due to which the number of its users in the country has now increased to more than 42 lakhs. At the same time, actress Kangana Ranaut made her account on this 2 days ago and in just 2 days she has got more than one lakh followers.

Kangana Ranaut’s five features of the Ginai Kuo app
Kangana Ranaut has counted five features of the Kuo app. The actress said, “There is no fear of being banned. Nobody will reduce my followers. No one will scare me in the name of deleting an account – will not threaten me. Also, the Kuo app has a lot of reach and it is easy to use. ”

Irrational Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawat started KOO
The incomparable Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawat introduced Koo last year to give users an opportunity to speak up and connect with Indian-language platforms. It is available in many languages ​​including Hindi, Telugu and Bengali.

PM Modi has also discussed Ku app
Ku won the self-reliant App Innovation Challenge held in August of the year 2020. Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the countrymen to use the Kuo app in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. Then this app also came in the discussion.

Mohandas Pai has invested in KOO
Koo is supported by former Infosys executive TV Mohandas Pai. It raised US $ 41 million from Axel, Kalari Capital, Bloom Ventures and Dream Incubator and Thrivanfour Capital last week.

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