7 lakh cyber attacks in India during lockdown, increased tenfold in four years, know how you can stay safe

Amit Deshmukh. India is the second country which has the largest internet user base, internet as of last day The site Statista Year in India as per the report released 2020 till Internet Users Of Number near 70 Crore was Go Coming The ones Five Fuckin in increase 97.4 Crore till Arrive Of expectation is. India world Of from all big Online market What is interesting is that its number is so much that the world Of many Developed The countries Of The population till No is. Fixed is when There is such a large number of Internet users in India, the incidence of cyber attack will also increase, but surprisingly it is here that cyber attack in India is increasing at a faster rate than the rate at which Internet users are increasing. The recently released Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology report also proves that cyber attack cases are continuously increasing in India.

Around 7 lakh attacks in lockdown only

According to the report of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, about 7 lakh cyber attacks were conducted in lockdown. According to information given and tracked by Cert-In of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team ie January 2020 From between March (113334 ), April to June (230223) And during July to August 2020 353381 Cyber Attack Happened. Altogether 6,96,938 cyber attacks occurred in India.

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Cases increased ten times in four years

According to the report, where there were a total of 53,117 cyber attack cases in India in the year 2017, the next year i.e. in the year 2018. this increase 2,08,456 Yes, next year in 2019 Their Number 3,94,499 was Tae August 2020 till Only this 6,96,938 Yes Has gone. It is to be seen that in four years, a total of 13,53,010 attacks took place in India, indicating that ten times increase was being given.

What are cyber attacks

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