Alert! Change these settings immediately, you cannot hack your WhatsApp

  You can avoid this with only a small set of settings

You can avoid this with only a small set of settings

Hackers have created a way by which they can hack your WhatsApp from any distance and activate it on their device. But you can avoid this with only a small set of settings.

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  • Last Updated:February 20, 2021 9:51 PM IS

New Delhi. Cyber ​​Security Expert Jack Doffman has alerted all WhatApp users to immediately change their settings or else their WhatsApp may be hacked.

He says that hackers have devised a new way to get access to WhatsApp account. In which, through malware, hackers can remotely get a six-digit verification card in your phone, after which hackers can run your WhatsApp on their device. This scam was also revealed by a UK media house last year. However, such hacking has increased considerably, which can be avoided by changing only one setting.

Will have to do this setting

If WhatsApp users want to avoid hacking, they will have to do a setting for this or if you have not done so yet, they will have to change this setting. This setting is for two-step verification in which you have to set a six-digit card. After setting it, you can be sure that this is why after this, whenever you log in WhatsApp from any other device, you will not need a verification card, you will be able to log in from this card as well.

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