Greta Thunberg supports Disha Ravi, talks about human rights

Greta Thunberg (file photo)

Greta Thunberg (file photo)

Greta Thunberg said in support of Disha Ravi arrested in the toolkit case that freedom of expression, peaceful protests and public meetings are human rights.

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  • Last Updated:February 20, 2021 12:42 PM IS

Oslo. Environmental activist Greta Thunberg has now jumped in support of Disha Ravi, arrested in the toolkit case. He has tried to teach India a human rights lesson by tweeting again. In his tweet, using the hashtag of Stand with Disha Ravi, Thenberg once again shared his knowledge on peaceful protests. Actually, today, Patiala House Court has sent Disha Ravi in ​​judicial custody for three days, accepting the demand of Delhi Police.

Greta Thunberg retweeted a tweet from a Twitter handle called Fridays for Future that freedom of expression, peaceful protests and public meetings are human rights. This should be the basic part of any democracy. Friday for Future was founded by Greta in 2018. Several tweets were made in support of Disha Ravi from this Twitter handle, after which Greta has also raised her voice. Disha Ravi was arrested from Bengaluru on February 13 for sharing and editing a ‘toolkit’ on social media related to farmers’ protests. He was then sent to five days police custody.

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Who is greta thanbergGreta Thanberg is known as the foremost speaker in the fight against climate crisis. He has won the hearts of the people with his speeches many times. Apart from this, his Twitter war was also discussed a lot with Donald Trump. In December 2020, this 16-year-old environmental activist of Sweden was selected as the ‘Person of the Year’ of 2019 by the prestigious Time magazine. (Poetic Justice Foundation) and its active members sought custody to identify and retrieve the deleted WhatsApp group.

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