Prohibition of harassment proceedings against the writer, director of the web series Mirzapur, provided …

Writers and directors of Mirzapur web series have filed a petition in HC.

Writers and directors of Mirzapur web series have filed a petition in HC.

Allahabad High Court: The Allahabad High Court while hearing the web series Mirzapur said that the investigation of the case will continue. The petitioners will cooperate in deliberations. If they do not cooperate, then the relief given can be canceled.

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Prayagraj The Allahabad High Court, while giving relief to the writer and director of the web series Mirzapur, has stopped the harassment proceedings under the FIR lodged against him. At the same time, the court has sought an answer from the state government on the petition. The writers and directors of the series Karan Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, Puneet Krishna and Vineet Krishna have filed a petition in the High Court demanding the cancellation of the FIR and stay of the arrest. A bench of Justice Preantkar Diwakar and Justice Deepak Verma heard the petition.

Earlier, on 29 January, the High Court had stayed the harassment proceedings against the series producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani in the same case. The court has said that the investigation of the case will continue and the petitioners will cooperate in the investigation. If they do not cooperate, then the relief given can be canceled. An FIR has been lodged in Mirzapur Kotwali countryside about Mirzapur series.

This is the charge

It is alleged that this series has hurt the sentiments of a particular class and damaged the area of ​​Mirzapur district. Convincing facts have been given in the series. The government lawyer said that the religious and social sentiments of the people have been hurt by the web series. While the advocates of the petitioners said that the facts shown in the web series do not constitute a crime. The series is based on fantasies. The character is also imaginary.HC asked the Director-General Wijlens the reason for the delay in investigation

On the other hand, in another case, Allahabad High Court has commented on keeping the investigation for a long time. The court has said that this shows only the incompetence of the investigating officer. The court has sought a personal affidavit against the employee of the District Magistrate Etah office pending a long-pending investigation. On the petition of senior clerk Mahesh Kumar Yadav, Justice Ajay Bhanot has given this order.

Mental harassment due to hanging investigation: Petitioner

Advocate Sunil Yadav said that the departmental inquiry against Yachty has been kept hanging since 2017, which is causing mental harassment. According to the rules departmental proceedings initiated against any government employee should be settled in 6 months. In case of exception, this time limit can be up to 12 months at most. But in the present case, after suspending the employee Mahesh Yadav in 2017, the charge sheet was given twice on the same basis, within which the petitioner gave a detailed reply including the evidence.

The DM’s reply was filed saying that the vigilance investigation is going on against the employee, so the departmental inquiry has been postponed. On this, the court has asked the Director-General Wijlens to clarify on the personal affidavit the unnecessary delay in disposal of the investigation till March 4 and also asked how long it will take to complete the investigation

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