Still not recovering from the lockdown loneliness? So know the ways to get rid of it

What is sadness if you are alone… No brother is sad if you are alone, because loneliness pushes you towards diseases and in the period of Corona, it has seen a great increase. Due to social distancing and security, people also found themselves in the midst of loved ones. Gradually, everything is getting normal and people are coming out of this mood, but some people are still not able to recover from this loneliness of lockdown. If you are also one of them, then we are giving you some such suggestions here which may help you to overcome this situation by adopting it.

Loneliness and research:

According to psychologist Alex Frankel, co-founder of wellness coaching AI tool Kai, In the Korana period, continuous measures taken in the direction of public health are affecting us. It is a matter of concern that it is not only affecting mental health, but it is also affecting physical health. Research suggests that loneliness causes as much harm to physical health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Along with causing mental health problems, it also increases depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and sleep disturbances. With this, you start running away from your loved ones. Because of this you feel more lonely and low. Regardless of our age and background, everyone is struggling with loneliness. People who live alone are not the only ones feeling alone, but even after being surrounded by people at home, people are feeling lonely. This condition needs to be diagnosed and diagnosed as soon as possible, or it can have serious consequences for your health.

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Psychologist Alex frankel According to ’80 per cent of our daily thoughts are negative and we need to remodel ourselves to positivity, but we must first know how to do it like we have gratitude or gratitude exercises Have to pay attention. For this, we can follow these five tips.


Exercise is a very effective way to deal with depression and loneliness arising out of circumstances. Through virtual group exercise classes, we not only realize the human interaction, but also the movement of our body. At the time of exercise, our body releases endorphins, which help in improving our mood and about pain. Undermines our perception. It also helps in dealing with insomnia, as it reduces stress.

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Loneliness has become common now, so now it is necessary that we follow a strict routine to deal with it. Creating a balanced routine helps you see things ahead, you can spend your time in a planned way. You can better balance your work and life.


You do not have to run away from the troublesome thoughts that come with loneliness. If such thoughts come, then just accept them. During this, breathe in and exhale and think that this is a temporary feeling. To reduce the anxiety caused by loneliness, you can use online breathing techniques (Breathing Techniques Online) Can also be used.

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Before loneliness eats you, write your feelings on paper, just like a journal, a daily diary, is written. This will help you understand your problems. You will feel that loneliness is just a feeling and does not define you. With this you will be able to get rid of your negative thoughts and you will be able to focus from bad to good.

Look to the future:

Do not think of anything behind or past. Just focus your attention on the future plans of life. To correct your mood, make video calls with your friends and family in your daily diary or make plans for online classes and seminars. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them.)

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