These two companies got permission for IPO from SEBI, shares will come next month, know everything about companies

  This year, about 24 companies have applied for an IPO with SEBI.

This year, about 24 companies have applied for an IPO with SEBI.

In the year 2020, many companies have launched IPOs. All these IPOs have made investors rich. In view of this, around 24 companies have applied for an IPO with SEBI this year.

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New Delhi. The trend of initial public offering (IPO) is growing rapidly in India now. Last year too, a total of 16 IPOs of various companies were launched, which raised around Rs 31,000 crore. Here on Saturday, SEBI (SEBI) allowed two more companies to IPO. It is expected that shares of both the companies will also come in the market in early March. These companies are Laxmi Organics and MTARTechnologies.

The IPO of Lakshmi Organics proposes a sale of Rs 300 crore by fresh promoter Yellow Stone Trust of Rs 500 crore. There is also a proposal to issue 40 lakh shares in the IPO of MTAR Technologies and sale of 82,24,270 equity shares by the promoter and existing shareholders. Anyway, given the positive mood of the market this year, companies are planning to launch an IPO in the first half. Around 24 companies have applied for an IPO with SEBI.

Lakshmi Organics

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MTAR Technologis

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