Salman Khan was angry when Ranveer Singh came, threatened to kill him!

Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh (Photo courtesy Instagram / ranveersingh)

Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh (Photo courtesy Instagram / ranveersingh)

Salman Khan became very angry at Ranveer Singh during the release of his film ‘Sultan’. Actually, he started dancing in front of the screen in the theater, which Bhaijaan did not like.

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New Delhi. Every person in Bollywood is aware of Salman Khan’s anger. It is quite popular that Salman plays friendship and enmity fiercely. Due to this anger, he has been caught in controversies many times. His fight with Vivek Oberoi is obvious, which Vivek has had to repay in his career.

Well, here we are talking about that clash which no one would have expected. Who can believe that even with a cool actor like Ranveer Singh, Salman can be screwed. But he too has once been a victim of Bhaijaan’s anger. The extent was reached when he even talked about killing Ranveer.

This incident is about the release of Salman’s film ‘Sultan’. Anushka Sharma was her heroine in this film. Then Ranveer Singh went to a theater in Paris to watch the film. Everyone knows the flamboyant style of Ranveer. He got up from the seat and started dancing in front of the screen of the film. When the media came to know about it, they tried to learn about it from Salman. Actually, Salman was badly angry at Ranveer and surprised everyone with his behavior.

Then Salman expressed his displeasure in front of the media that he wanted to kill Ranveer. Not only this, he also said to throw the chair on Ranveer’s head. Soon after this, Salman said that people were watching the film and they were dancing in front of the screen and they were disturbing the film. After listening to this, Anushka, sitting next to Salman, got a little nervous and looked at Salman with a surprised look, but Salman later laughed and made the atmosphere a bit lighter. Favorite stars like watching movies in the theater. But Salman did not like to dance like Ranveer in the middle. Talking about work, both these stars are busy preparing for their next film. While Salman is busy shooting for his film ‘Radhey’, Ranveer Singh is awaiting the release of ’83’.

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